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My Bowling Scoreboard Pro

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Bowling is my favorite hobby. I need an app to record down the score and pin location for further analyst. For example, what is the percentage of spare of “Big four”? or how many times of continuous 4 strike ? So, I decide to write this app.Features:1. Record bowling score or pin location in database2. Retrieve score or pin location from a database3. Show statistic of the score, strike, pin location4. Performance chart5. Export history to CSV file6. Upload file to your Dropbox account 7. Database backup and restore via cloud storage8. Support English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese
Permission* Modify/delete SD card contents is used to write CSV file to SD card* Internet access is used for ad
Note :For those who need support please email to the designated email.Do NOT use either the feedback area to write questions, it is not appropriate and that is not guaranteed that can read them.